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PISO FARE Tips on How, When and Where to Book Promo Tickets

PISO FARE or 1 Peso Base Fare promo is one of the most popular airline seat sale in the Philippines. Here, passengers get a change to book to probably the most affordable tickets ( aside from the Zero Fare promo) for  domestic and international destinations.

Made popular by the Philippines’ largest airline company, Cebu Pacific, many airlines here in the Philippines also made Piso Fare a special treat to their loyal passengers. here are a list of airline companies in the Philippines that offers Piso Fare deals from time to time:

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  • Cebu Pacific Air
  • Air Asia Zest
  • PAL Express
  • Philippine Airlines
  • Tiger Air

When does airlines offer Piso Fare Tickets?

There is no sure formula when a Piso Fare promo will arrive. Most of the time, advertisements  are announced the same day as the promo will start.

This one reason to follow us on our Social Media accounts so that you can get updates fast.

But in the past, many airline companies have launched Piso Fare promos and special deals during holidays and  special occasions like their company anniversary etc. You may want to mark your calendar for airlines might come up with a speacial seat sale for these dates:

  • New Year
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Easter
  • Labor Day or May 1
  • Araw ng Kagitingan
  • Independence Day
  • All Saint’s Day or November 1
  • Bonifacio Day
  • Christmas

Cebu Pacific Piso Fare Promo Poster


How to Book  Piso Fare and other airline promo tickets?

There are many channels on where to book your Piso Fare tickets.

One of the most traditional ways of booking tickets is via over the counter bookings at the airline’s respective Ticketing Office. These offices are operated by the airlines themselves and are not travel agents. These outlets are usually found in airports or in malls like SM and Robinson’s.

Most airline companies also have Hotline numbers where you can reserve your tickets.

One of the most convenient ways to book your piso fare and other promo tickets is by going online and book your tickets at the convenience of your own home. Most airline companies accepts credit cards and atm card payments, while others do accept over the counter payments via banks, gasoline stations like Petron, 7-Eleven convenience stores, Bayad Center and other business establishments.

When booking for piso fare tickets, timing is important. Keep in mind that seats are limited, so better book fast and booking online is one of the fastest way to book for you can book in the wee hours of the morning for many promos are launched during midnight.

When booking online, you just need to enter your desired date and destination plus number or passengers. Look for available tickets with BASE FARE of 1 Peso. If you can’t see any, try another date for there are a possibility that  the promo tickets are sold out for that date or destination.

You just have to follow the instructions online, fill up the needed data like Names, Contact Numbers, Address etc. You can or not to avail certain add on services like Meals, Seat Selector and Check in Baggage Service. Adding these services will add to you ticket’s final price.

Continue your booking until you reach the Payment’ Page. here you can have an option on how to settle your account or bill.

PISO FARE Ticket Charges and other Fees

Like what we’ve said earlier, only the BASE FARE of the Piso Fare ticket is covered by the promo. Same is said for most airline deal.

Fees and other charges still do apply. Common fees and charges that will be applied to your tickets includes:

  • Terminal Fee (200 pesos for domestic flights from Manila or Cebu)
  • Fuel Surcharge: depends on your destination
  • Web Admin Fee or Ticketing Service Charge: 100 to 140 pesos per ticket depending on the airline company
  • 12 VAT
  • Aviation Security Fee

Please see picture below to get an idea on how much a Domestic Piso Fare Ticket can cost you:

PISO FARE Base Fare plus Fees and Charges

Cebu Pacific Web Admin Fee

The Philippine Travel Tax and other Country Specific Charges for international flights should be payed on the airport at the day of your flight.

Seat Selector, Meals, Insurance and Check in Baggage Service are optional services that you can avail but for a certain price. You can usually avail these services even after you’ve booked your tickets already.

Piso Fare Booking tips

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  • Book early, most of the piso fare promos are announced during midnight, so book your flights fast to avoid sold outs or traffic on the airline’s booking website.
  • Always check your calendar. See if there are upcoming holidays for many airlines launch special promos during holidays and long weekends.
  • Be flexible. Thousands or people, just like you, are also waiting for piso fare promos and some might be faster than you when booking. You might not find a promo ticket available for your chosen date or destination but there might be other dates or destinations that still carries lots of available seats. Remember, Boracay is not the only white sand beach in the Philippines, you can also find world class beaches in Cebu, Palawan, Davao and more.
  • Online booking is not only for those with credit cards!!! You can also book online using atm cards and through over the counter outlets.
  • Book over the counter at any of the company’s Ticketing Office only. Avoid travel agencies for they might charge higher priced tickets.
  • Most Cebu Pacific promos and deals does not require any Cebu Pacific Promo Code for online booking.


How to know if there are ongoing PISO FARE promos?

The best way to get news whenever a new piso fare  or any other airline promos are currently ongoing is to follow us on Facebook at PISO FARE and by following us on Twitter at @PisoFareTickets.


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