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Airlines Check-In Baggage Fees: Philippine Airlines, PAL Express, Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, Skyjet Airlines

To keep our readers fully informed, we shared here the checked baggage fees of the different airlines during booking and when the checked baggage is paid at the airport before your flight.

When you buy a regular or promo ticket, you are entitled to a free 7 kg hand-carry bag. How about if you will be bringing several bags?

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The different airline companies operating in the Philippines are now having PREPAID BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE, a payment scheme of paying your checked baggage in advance. The Prepaid Baggage fee can be purchased during booking for your flights or at least 4 hours prior to your flight.


Prepaid Baggage Rates

Pre-booking your checked baggage is cheaper compared to paying your checked baggage at the airport on your departure date.  Availing of this advance purchase scheme can mean savings especially if you are bringing several luggage or a considerably heavy bag.

Prepaid baggage can be bought during booking on the “Purchase Add-on” section. This can also be done even 4 hours prior to your flight by accessing the “Manage my Booking” or “Modify” section of the online booking. Otherwise, you pay your baggage fee at the airport check-in counter.

See below comparison for Domestic Flights Prepaid Baggage and baggage fees in the airport.


Regular fare and promo fare tickets of Philippine Airlines and sister company PAL Express covers 7 kg free cabin bag as well as free checked baggage allowance depending on your destination and the type of ticket you purchased.

PAL Domestic flights free checked baggage

  • Budget Economy – Free 10 kg checked baggage
  • Regular Economy tickets – Free 20 kg check-in baggage
  • Premium Economy comes with free 25 kg checked baggage allowance
  • Business Class tickets includes free 30 kg check-in baggage
  • Premium Business Class tickets- free 35 kg check-in baggage

Prepaid Baggage Rates for PAL Domestic Flights

These are the rates if you want to add more kilogram to your free PAL checked baggage allowance

  • Up to 5 kg – P250
  • Up to 10 kg – P500
  • Up to 15 kg – P750
  • Up to 20 kg – P1,000
  • Up to 25 kg – P1,250
  • Up to 30 kg – P1,500
  • Up to 35 kg – P1,750
  • Up to 40 kg – P2,000

Take note that flights bound to Tuguegarao and Dumaguete are only allowed up to 10 kg prepaid baggage.

Excess baggage fee at the airport cost P200/kg per piece. Here we can observe that paying the excess baggage at the airport is more expensive than the PAL prepaid baggage fee.

CEBU PACIFIC AIR and CEBGO Prepaid and Excess Baggage Fees

Prepaid Baggage Allowance at Cebu Pacific is still the same whether you purchase it during booking or up to 4 hours before scheduled flight thru the airline’s website

  • Small (15 kg) – P200
  • Standard (20 kg) – P320
  • Large (30 kg) – P650
  • X-Large plus (40 kg) – P1,000

Baggage fee at the airport (airport bag) for 15 kg is P700.00.

Excess baggage fee rate is P200 per kg (inclusive of VAT).

So, you see, you will be shelling only P200 for your 15kg bag during booking or up to 4 hours before your scheduled flight. But if you will pay the 15kg baggage at the airport during check, the baggage fee would be P700.00.


If you will be flying with Air Asia Zest, get your prepaid baggage allowance during booking as the lowest baggage fees will be during initial booking. After that, baggage fee increases if you will add a new prepaid baggage thru “Manage My Booking” section.

Checked baggage rate during initial booking

  • Up to 15 kg – P250
  • Up to 20 kg – P320
  • Up to 25 kg – P580
  • Up to 30 kg – P900
  • Up to 40 kg – P1,700

Baggage fee via Manage My Booking (Pre-booked Baggage) after initial booking and up to 4 hours prior to departure.

  • Up to 15 kg – P288
  • Up to 20 kg – P368
  • Up to 25 kg – P667
  • Up to 30 kg – P1035
  • Up to 40 kg – P1,955

The checked baggage price at the airport is P800 for 15kg. Any excess of the 15 kg will be charged P360/kg.

So, it is advisable to purchase your Prepaid Baggage Allowance during the initial booking to get big savings.


With Skyjet Airlines, guests have 10 kg checked baggage. However, this is not free as the baggage fee is already incorporated into the flight ticket rate. Aside from that, 5kg of hand-carry bag is also for free.

The charge of excess baggage at Skyjet is P150 per kilo.


Prepaid Baggage Allowance are lower in rates compared to airport baggage charges to encourage guests to purchase baggage bundles ahead.

A passenger can buy up to a maximum of 40 kilos for their checked baggage on domestic flights. A free hand-carry bag up to 7 kilos is free and allowed on all airlines except Skyjet which only allows 5 kilos hand-carry baggage.

Checked baggage prices of international flights differs, and depends on the flight destination; whether short haul or long haul flight. Thus, it is best to inquire with the airline you will be flying with the checked baggage fees and rates.

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Just an advice from PISO FARE TICKETS, it is best that you will buy prepaid baggage allowance if you will be bringing more bags than allowed by the airline.

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    there is not information about how much kilos are allowed to be checked in for free! How many kilos or pounds am i allowed to check in for free?

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