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Cebu Pacific Visa Sale Promo as Low as P294 Base Fare


Have plans to travel to foreign destination? Grab sale tickets as low as P294 base fare with Cebu Pacific Flash Sale Promo with Visa!

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For travelers who don’t have a visa card, don’t worry you can still book affordable fares to select international destinations as low as P1,299 base fare

The Cebu Pacific ongoing Visa Sale can be booked from October 4- 7, 2018 using your Visa Credit/ Debit Card.

Travel dates for the Visa Sale and the Cebu Pacific international seat sale include the months of January, February and March 2019.

Limited tickets on sale, first come, first serve basis!

Cebu Pacific Visa Sale International Promo

Travel Period: January 1- March 31, 2019

For as low as P 294 base-fare

Manila to Kota Kinabalu

To prove that this promo is real, we search online for promo ticket using the Visa Promo Code. Shared below sample booking below Manila to Kota Kinabalu/ Kota Kinabalu to Manila.

manila-to-kota-kinabalu-visa-sale-promo          cebu-pacific-visa-promo-kota-kinabalu-to-manila

For as low as P1,099 base-fare  

Manila to Brunei

For as low as P1,199 base-fare

Manila to Taipei

For as low as P1,494 base-fare   

Manila to Kuala Lumpur

For as low as P1,499 base-fare

Manila to Incheon

For as low as P 1,899 base-fare 

Manila to Bangkok

Cebu to Hong Kong

For as low as P 1,999 base-fare  

Manila to Bali

For as low as P 2,099 base-fare  

Manila to Hanoi

For as low as P2,299 base-fare  

Manila to Siem Reap

For as low as P2,499 base-fare  

Manila to Jakarta

Cebu Pacific International Promo 2019

Travel Period: January 1- March 31, 2019

For as low as P1,299 base-fare

Manila to Guangzhou, Hong Kong or Macau

For as low as P1,394 base-fare  

Manila to Singapore

For as low as P1,699 base-fare   

Manila to Xiamen

For as low as P1,876 base-fare

Manila to Incheon

For as low as P2,599 base-fare   

Manila to Fukuoka

For as low as P3,099 base-fare  

Manila to Shanghai

For as low as P3,199 base-fare   

Manila to Narita or Osaka

For as low as P3,399 base-fare   

Manila to Nagoya

For as low as P4,099 base-fare  

Manila to Beijing

For as low as P5,199 base-fare  

Manila to Dubai- Travel Period: November 01, 2018 to March 31, 2019

For as low as P5,399 All In  

Manila to Guam or *Melbourne- *Travel Period: October 15, 2018 to May 31, 2019

For as low as P6,599 All In   

Manila to Sydney- Travel Period: October 15, 2018 to May 31, 2019

Quoted Visa Sale promo ticket and Cebu Pacific international sale ticket cover only the base fare and free 7 kilos hand carry baggage. Excluded are the Web Admin Fee, Fuel Surcharge and Passenger Service Charge. Fares are good for one-way travel, but you can book for return trip if desired.

How to Avail Cebu Pacific Promo Fare

Cebu Pacific Visa Sale

  • Book online at the booking website: www.cebupacificair.com. Key in the promo code “VISA” after ticking your flight departure and return dates. Payment for the sale tickets is using VISA Credit or Debit Card.

Cebu Pacific International Promo Fare

  • To avail this promo, you may book online at Cebu Pacific website: www.cebupacificair.com. No promo code needed in booking.
  • Another option would be visiting any Cebu Pacific sales office or accredited booking office and travel agencies.
  • Calling Cebu Pacific Reservation Hotline to reserve ticket can also be done.

If you will be bringing heavy bags, it is recommended you purchase Prepaid Checked Baggage Allowance to save on baggage fees.

Check sample baggage fees below for Manila to Kota Kinabalu

Prepaid Baggage During Initial Booking

Standard (up to 20 kilos) – P850

Large (up to 32 kilos)- P1,400

Large Plus (up to 40 kilos) – P2,000

Prepaid Baggage During Manage Booking

Standard (up to 20 kilos) – P970

Large (up to 32 kilos)- P1,600

Large Plus (up to 40 kilos) – P2,300

Airport Baggage Fee for 20 kilos (Airport Bag)- P1,700

Excess Baggage Rate at the Airport- P400 per kilo

Interested to avail the low fares? Book your ticket now!

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